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Hi there, thanks for coming to find me! 

A few years ago I made a documentary film as part of my Masters in Theological Studies. Just like with all my projects, I poured my heart and soul into it. I disappeared in the telling of the story, so all you saw was the "Joshua Harris documentary."  Maybe you've seen my film. Thank you for watching it. 

I undertook theological studies in the first place to go further in my faith, to wrestle with big questions and come out the other side knowing the goodness of Jesus despite the good and bad done by people who follow Him. 

My intent was to graduate with a Masters and pursue a PhD in Theology to teach academically. However while at Regent College I realised my skillset and passions were better suited to filmmaking. 

What was originally designed to be a 3 years Masters' track turned into a 4 year one in order to complete the feature length documentary. I supported myself during that time by working as a nanny while completing my academic studies and finishing the documentary.

Since making I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye I have moved back to Australia and did 18 months of odd jobs getting back on my feet again. 

Currently I work for a variety of clients across various aspects of the "movie business." And I produce and co-host a weekly podcast with Devi Abraham - Where Do We Go From Here?

I'd love to make more documentaries with like-minded Christians who want to bring hope and healing. 



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